- 2015-16 THEME -


Stories that stand out and go against the norm.

Film submissionS NOW OPEN!

Deadline: May 2016 | $25 Entry Fee

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festival event

May, 2016 @ ROCKHARBOR Church

Event tickets go on sale May, 2016

our vision


 A short film festival for Christian filmmakers of all ages to risk, to rediscover their calling to create, to try something new, to build community, and to create excellent and inspiring films that point back to Jesus!



Tell a story, create a piece of art, expose and issue, docuemnt a movement. Choose a genere that inspires you to create and make something that will move and inspire others.


We believe creatives shouldn't exist in a vacum. We need community and we create our best work when we do it together. Get your team together to make a film.


This festival is a movement of creatives that believe we have been created to create. Lets follow Jesus with their lives and our art.


These are the genres for this year’s festival... and here’s a little inspiration...


Asher Segelken

Student Filmmaker

brandon setter

Video Director at Rockharbor Church and Freelance Filmmaker

joel stanton

Principal Creative at Stanton Creative Agency

josh harrison

Teaching Pastor at Rockharbor Church

Nick Benoit

Creative Director at Willow Creek Church, IL

Kyle white

Freelance Commercial DP and Filmmaker

steve lewis

Freelance Filmmaker and Owner of Perfect 10 Productions

brian larsh

Lighting Programmer for The Walt Disney Company. Known for programming World of Color.


co-Founder of Join The Lights and Wondercamp


co-Founder of Join The Lights and Wondercamp

Andrew rurik

Freelance Gaffer and Video Director at Forest Home

CJ Casciotta

Founder of Sounds Like a Movement